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Neil Luehring has been associated with Angler’s Covey since the business started in 1982. He is a Colorado Springs’ native and has been fishing the surrounding waters his entire life. Neil wears many hats for the Angler’s Covey. He is a guide, instructor, pro level fly tyer, and rod builder. He also is a retired Colorado Springs firefighter / paramedic and acts in the capacity of Safety Director for the shop. Photo credit Angler’s Covey.

Soft hackle flies do not have pronoun issues

Skip Clement, New Zealand

By Skip Clement

Soft hackle flies are okay with just being called soft hackle. The best of them, or seem to be most desired by trouts, are witnessed tied on #10 hooks to about #18 (hook description by Luehring). Others may choose larger or smaller hooks and or hooks of different physical characteristics.

The soft hackle flies Neil Luehring will tie in the YouTube video below, produced by Angler’s Covey, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and could easily be tube-tied. The latter advantages would include:

  • Hook orientation.
  • Any preferred hook size.
  • Hook replacement (changeout).
  • Preservation of the fly itself.

NOTE: According to pro-caliber fly tyers I have had the pleasure of learning from over the decades has been the insistence on top-notch feathers and furs. Neil takes the time in the following video to explain why that is so.  

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout by Thom Glace.

As author and epicure, Jim Harrison has said many times, if a meal is satisfying, it has the highest quality of fresh vegetables, and the meat or fish has to have a lot of fat and not be overcooked.

TJ Douglas, a writer who often volunteers pen time to us, agrees with Harrison about food and with Luehring, Gallop, Hudson, Flagler, Derr, Craven, and many others about fur and feathers.

Angie Roth, my often angling partner and nymphing genius, says that buying flies made with quality materials necessitates learning what Benjamin Franklin postulated two centuries ago, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. 

Soft Hackle video


Orange Partridge

Soft Hackle Partridge Wet Fly

Peacock and Partridge:
Hook: TMC 3761 or similar
Thread: 6/0 Black Uni
Rib: UTC Gold Small Wire
Body: Peacock Hurl
Hackle: Partridge

Soft Hackle Hares Ear

Partridge & Orange:
Hook: TMC 3761 or similar
Thread: 6/0 Uni Black
Body: Orange Floss
Hackle: Partridge

Soft Hackle Hares Ear:
Hook: TMC 3761 or similar
Thread: Uni 6/0 Black
Tail: Hen Hackle
Rib: UTC Small Gold Wire
Body: Hares Ear Dubbing
Hackle: Hen Hackle

NOTE: Surf website for soft hackle flies

Contact Neil Luehring:

Angler’s Covey

295 21st Street

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904


Bonus, tying tube flies for trout

NOTE: For tube fly supplies, contact your local fly shop. Online HMH Vises and Stockard are reliable and competitive.

  • Ruben Martin Flies
  • Google the subject and add England or Scandinavia for the best results. 

Tiny Rubber Legs Tube Fly

Salmo trutta illustration by award winning watercolorist Thom Glace. Used with permission.


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