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On Saturday, July 21, 2012, Danny Cilchalo (behind the vise), a newcomer to fly fishing, gets helping hands from guide and expert fly tyer Cordell Baum on the right way to affix a weed guard on a fly pattern called Electric Dread on a #2 hook.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the world of fly fishing, shows have diminished in both new product introduction; shops are now seeing new product weeks, if not months ahead of the show and that has cascaded into falling attendance. Some of the other reasons for fewer participants at fly fishing shows, symposiums and regional councils – like the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF), are the state of the economy, online purchasing and China flooding the big box stores with really cheap “stuff.”

Guide Cordell Baum tying his Electric Dread at the Fly Shop of Miami 7/21/12

The maestro himself, Chris Dean, whipping up a chartreuese and yellow Tarpon Toad on a 2/0.

Brick and mortar fly shops around the country struggle to survive and there’s not much effort by manufacturers to encourage newcomers to the sport. Selling fly fishing has been largely left up to fly shops, guides, magazines and online publications. Especially, those that provide ‘how to’ information and aggregate news.

Too, finding a friendly fly shop; where a walk-in finds him or herself in a friendly place where a sales person, manager or owner would gladly tell them where the fishing has been good, provide a reference for a guide, skillfully answer a question about a particular product, let you fly cast a rod you’re interested in, give you a tip on how to tie a sparse Gotcha or how to tie mono to wire using an Albright, isn’t always how it is.

George Martinez, a man with a hundred opinions, is a talented artist, fly tyer and fly angler.

That said, there is a friendly shop in Miami, The Fly Shop of Miami, owned by Rick Derrer, but run by Managing Partner David Olson. On Saturdays, it’s a magnet for local fly anglers. Chris Dean, one of the top fly tyers in the southeast U. S. is always there and willingly shows beginner to advanced ‘how to’ tie any fly pattern you’re interested in. However, it’s best to learn to tie what he’s selected for a session because as a former guide, he’s tying what catches fish. NOTE: if you’re planning  a trip to Andros, Grand Bahama, Louisiana, Costa Rica for billfish, or Alaska, Chris or David Olson will know exactly what patterns and sizes you’ll need. Too, Jorge Martinez (hable español) also always there along with other guest tyers such as Cordell Baum, a guide specializing in canoe fishing.

The morning session’s patterns tied by Chris Dean: top left > chartreuse & yellow Tarpon Toad #2/0; top right > brunt orange & tan Tarpon Toad #2/0; middle > Critter Crabs #4 and bottom > Gotchas #4


David Olson, managing partner of The Fly Shop of Miami is also a master fly tyer, and casting instructor.

The Fly Shop of Miami
8243 S. Dixie Highway
Miami, FL 33143
(305) 669-5851


No matter where you live, contact the Fly Shop of Miami to get on their mailing list for sales, upcoming events such as special seminars on fly tying and casting or spend a morning chatting with fly fishing legend and author Chico Fernandez or photographer and author Pat Ford.

NOTE: The Fly Shop of Miami has been appointed the first Gallery Distributor for Dragonfly’s Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) – Dragonfly designed their SUP specifically for anglers. Paddleboards (SUP) are now more popular than kayaks.



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