TU-Logo-Old[dropcap]S[/dropcap]teve Moyer, Trout Unlimited’s vice president for government affairs, was elected to the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame’s 2014 class for a career spent working to protect and restore America’s trout and salmon habitat from Capitol Hill.

In more than 20 years as a political advocate for trout, salmon and clean water, Moyer has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments, ranging from protecting large western landscapes to removing dams that have blocked salmon migration for generations to the incorporation of strong conservation language in important legislation, like the Farm Bill.

Steve Moyer testifying

Steve Moyer testifying

“Steve represents the best of Trout Unlimited,” said TU President and CEO Chris Wood. “He is quiet and unassuming, and the flat-out most effective conservation advocate on Capitol Hill. I am proud to call him a mentor and friend, and can think of no-one more deserving of this honor than Steve.”

Moyer first came to TU in 1992, and since then, he’s been instrumental in efforts to improve fish habitat—and fishing—all over America. For instance, he has:

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