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Here’s a fly angler gal with a great sense of humor and a harrowing tale that’s worth reading – it’s titled:

What a Catch!: The ‘Big Bang Theory’

Posted by: Kathryn Maroun,

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very winter there is a mass exodus from Canada as the snow geese (aka older Canadians) pack up and fly to warmer shores.  It is a necessary part of the culture because a great percent of Canadians suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Canooks are easy to pick out at international departure gates. They tend to be pasty white and wear vacation attire on the way out of hockey country. Don’t be fooled, they can also sport a dewy glow of scarlet heat upon return, after overdosing on vitamin D in the tropical sun.


Kathryn with ‘fish on’.

I’m sure we have all said out loud, when on vacation, “I wished I lived here!”

But few people actually follow through on a tipsy vacation exclamation by expatriating — especially Canadians who are enticed to stay in Canada with the lore of free healthcare.

In my opinion, the Canadian health system is floundering and Bermuda has a world-class fishery… so after vacationing in Bermuda, my wish came true and I made a gutsy life change by moving offshore. I thought it would be a “blast” to live in Bermuda, also referred to as the Somers Isles. Hemingway and others have written about what a great fishing destination Bermuda is. It is as wonderful as it sounds.

So yes, I do consider myself lucky, but not for the reasons you may think.

I’m lucky because I survived a gas explosion.

In mid-October, my Bermuda dream home blew up with me in it.

I’ve survived to fish another day.

I haven’t seen the bill from the hospital yet, but it will arrive, as sure as the fallen snow on Nova Scotia.

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