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Baseball Hall of famer Ted Williams with a couple of Keys bonefish. A commons image – Florida Keys Public Library, Wright Langley Collection.

The better the fly fisher, the fewer the flies in their arsenal

By Peter McLeod / Aardvark McLeod / YouTube

The humble bonefish remains one of the most popular targets for saltwater fly fishermen around the world. There is an honest joy hunting them across the flats or casting at a tail flashing in the sun. In this video Peter McLeod shares his top ten bonefish fly patterns used across the world.

Tim Mahaffey [Florida Key Bonefish Invitational Tournaments] has won multiple times said: ‘For targeting giant bonefish and in the bonefish Invitational Tournaments I fish only three fly crab patterns: brown Merkin, brown Duane Crab (toad), and the Red Headed Step Child (reddish-brown colored Gotcha that I use for catching smaller, release bones. Flies tied on size #1 or #2 Mustad 3407s. Color doesn’t matter, as long as it is brown. The primary concern for fly selection is the weight of the fly. The guides I fish with, like me, all fish in Mirages (Maverick). More impressively, all of us had stayed with this boat for years, even when some said that it was more fashionable to make a move, but we all stayed with Maverick performance.’

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