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Photo Erin McKittrick (AlaskaTrekker at English Wikipedia)

He’ll get us into the Hall of Shame, and he’s making good on that promise

By Skip Clement

Bounty on U.S. soldiers paid by Russia to Taliban is not worth mentioning. The coronavirus will disappear, “I’m not responsible.” Have a glass of bleach. Fauci is wrong. It’s okay to attack his family. “Why do people love him and not me.”

Alaska is rich in natural resources; wild fish, wild birds, wild game animals, places to hunt, places to hike, places to fish – public lands. We need to plunder Alaska ASAP.

Forget responsible environmental impact studies, screw fresh water, fresh air, eff the indigenous tribes’ people says the mighty authoritarian leading our substandard cabinet.

At least this administration is honest, cheating and lying is out in the open, grab them by the pussy is what’s funny. And they know that it’s a toothless U.S. Congress and his electorate base loves is the Idiocracy.

It’s always been about the money

But when it comes to the Pebble Mine, quick cash at the expense of the future and the world’s most significant supply of wild-caught salmon and the likelihood of a mining disaster of biblical proportions are promised to collide – stands as this administration’s monument to environmental disregard.

There’s nothing like it, money – that is what’s in it for Pebble Partnership CEO Tom Collier. A lot of money is on the line should the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers [USACE] greenlight the Pebble Mine project this year. According to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Collier will personally receive a $12.5-million bonus if the corps approves a federal permit for the mine within four years.

Local Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park unshaven fly fishing guide with a nice salmon. Wikipedia commons image.

Since 2007, Pebble Limited Partnership [PLP]) has spent more than $15-million lobbying the federal government, dropping over half that amount during President Trump’s tenure [follow the money], according to U.S. Senate lobbying reports compiled by advocacy group Cook Inletkeeper.

Read more about the Pebble Mine fiasco unfolding before our very eyes… 


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