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As a fly tyer with limited skills, but an enthusiastic hopeful that I’ll discover the next Tim Borski Bonefish Slider, Bob Clouser Deep Minnow, or a new Doug Prince [Oakland, California in the 1930s] Prince Nymph, I remain a dedicated fly tying enthusiast.

I thought it was a great idea to shop for tying supplies at Walmart, craft stores, and Dollar Stores. However, I did find many substitute things, which I’ve since discarded almost all because of poor quality – fall apart being tied or after a half dozen casts.

Russell Blessing’s Woolly Bugger. The fly that catches anything that swims and looks exactly like nothing that ever lived.

I have, however, stuck with my craft shop purchases of yarns because I now have a 1,137 year supply of dubbing, or enough for seventeen winter sweaters in any color you want – give me a call.

I tie for the pleasure of it more than any false belief I’m saving money

Feathers of any kind, bought at any of the subject shops, have not turned out well. Rummaging through a whole bag to find a half dozen “okay” feathers is a waste of time and loss of enjoyment and, most times worse, flies than I usually tie.

I’m back online with the usual suspects, Stoddard, Fly Shack, Caddis Fly Shop, and others, as well as and my local fly shop – if I call ahead and they have what I want. This change of buying habit has been satisfying because my flies are better, last longer – some are into their third season, especially tube flies with better fly shop purchased materials. 

Image from an article by Alberto Calzolari  – originally appeared in Fly Line Magazine.



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