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Why not turn this Savage Flies’ foam-bodied ant fly into a deadly “indicator?” Kapwing screenshot.

Is being dedicated to warm weather, single-use, and hookless indicator profligate?

Using foam bodied flies [bugs/terrestrials] that sit high on the water provide a much bigger visual and profile than common industry indicators. For some that has proven to be a good alternative, at least in the warm weather, when the fly is both indicator and bait.

It’s not a hack; it simply avoids using a traditional bobber or indicator that is single-use hookless, possible spooking element that could negatively impact [bobber] the delivery of a fly or flies in any style nymphing rig.

In addition, when the nymph/s below the surface get the slightest nibble, a foam fly will tip dramatically at the slightest of these. At the point when a trout mouth-tastes or nibbles a fly, a foam fly will produce an unmistakable ‘bob’ in any foam fly. It may only be the fly’s largess that helps an angler see the ‘bob’ better, but of course, so what.

Watch Matt O’Neal tie this simple foam ant fly that you could turn into a Foam Ant Indicator Fly


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