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This Addie [see link below] is full spectrum lighting and a 4 X magnifier for about $26 and free delivery from Amazon Prime.

Let there be light

By Skip Clement

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he internet is much maligned these days for good reason including election interference, foreign trolls, and phishing networks. But on the good side of online, it’s taught many of us new things about our game, fly fishing. Not the least of which is fly tying – making the flies we fish with and catch with, and OK with they’re not “really” cheaper, but that the exercise of creative juices long buried is certainly fun and fun is good.

One such “videologist” who has improved our game is Tim Flagler, and here’s a few of his helpful hints – three of which vaulted my performance markedly as relevant to both fly tying and fish catching. One, the importance of good lighting – full spectrum is the most desireable, the second, by giving into the reality of needing magnifying, and thirdly, a portable tying set up when my truck is part of my fishing travels.

For portability and $35, I’m good.

The following video covers more than mentioned above so, there’s more to learn and enjoy 

Sources: Ottlite desk lamp and Ottlite portable lamp [both online or at art supply stores] are what Flagler uses in his video, and he has a separate magnifier [online or at art supply stores]. I found the combination of full-spectrum lighting (not three levels of amplification like the more expensive OTT) and magnification in one lamp, the Addie. It has proven more than suitable for my 80-year-old eyes and less costly at about $26 [online at Amazon].

For portability, I use one I bought for that very purpose at Cabela’s for $35, still the current price, hard to beat. Mine is 4 years old and nothing has broken, but the vise is on its last legs.

Flagler video:

Note the Vimeo is somewhat corrupted [2017] but stay with it. It’s worth it. 


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