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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have been fishing the ARC 99 Salt floating fly line for the past two seasons of flats fishing on Long Island, NY. It has been my go to floating line and has been superb. Low stretch inner core and grooved coating creates low friction. The tapers works well Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.05.16 PMand loads the rod well for short to medium length casts and the low friction allows me to shoot copious amounts of line for extra distance when needed. So far, the coating has proven tough as nails with no noticeable degradation or damage.

ARC’s message seems pretty simple: do one thing really well. That they have achieved by focusing on high performance, quality crafted, floating fly lines. Definitely consider one of the freshwater or saltwater fly lines that ARC offers for your next floating line purchase. I look forward to more experiences with their lines. Next I will be trying their floating tarpon line, ARC Tarpon.

Also, be sure to check out their terminal tackle as well. Their tippets and leaders have been impressive as well, specifically

To purchase or discuss ARC products with a professional, contact an ARC dealer near you.

Cream of the floating line crop rises to the top.

Cream of the floating line crop rises to the top.

ARC 99 Fly Lines – the company line –

Grooves reduce friction.

Grooves reduce friction.

-Grooved line profile reduces tangles and friction, producing higher line speeds for longer, more accurate casts

-6% low-stretch Response Core for superior line sensitivity and solid hook set

-Permanent PTFE fluoropolymer line coating for added line slickness and outstanding line float

-Welded front and back loops for easy leader rigging and line change out

-Line ID system welded into back loop

Giving back –

For every ARC fly line sold in their online shop, ARC gives $10 to one of several angling conservation nonprofits near and dear to their family, and yours. Even better, you get to decide where the $10 donation goes.  Learn More


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