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Tom Morgan [May 12, 1941 to June 12, 2017]  as a younger man. Image by Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Tom Morgan’s Rod Design Philosophy

“I’ve come to believe there are three main rod actions: traditional “fast action” with a stiff butt and a flexible tip, “slow action” with a stiff tip and flexible butt (or a rod that is overall too flexible for the line weight it is casting), and “progressive action” with a uniform increase in stiffness from tip to butt.” — Tom Morgan

Design in Tom’s Words:

During the more than forty years I have been fly fishing, three major influences have helped form my rod design philosophy: my own personal fishing experience, my guiding experience, and my experience as an owner of the R. L. Winston Rod Company.

The Introduction

As many of you know, I grew up in southwestern Montana with its abundance of great trout streams and it was there I learned to fly fish. There are all types of streams from rushing mountain streams to the boisterous Madison River, gentle spring creeks, small rivers, medium-sized rivers, the big but quiet Missouri River, and many lakes. From an early age, my passion was fly fishing, and I explored most of these waters and learned many of their secrets. Because I fished a variety of streams, I assembled a broad collection of rods well suited for each particular type of water and condition. During this part of my life, I fished almost exclusively with bamboo rods.


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