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Swimmy Jimmy as tied by Josh Varner.

The Swimmy Jimmy that bass, trout, snook and redfish swoon for

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] may be running on fumes with this fly because I just heard about today at a gathering of three fly tyers and ten participants. We, the tyers, were doing freebee demo/lessons for vets in the Atlanta area that had gotten into fly fishing – all recovering from substance abuse. The member doctor who arranged the get together missed her calling – funniest women I ever met.

My fishing partner and friend Angie Roth introduced me to Alice, the doctor, and president of the Getting High on Flies angler group

The chatter in the room when Angie and I got there late [thanks to effing I-75] was all about a fly I barely recall hearing about, Swimmy Jimmy. So, Alice turned on the 50 something inch TV and pulled up YouTube and Sobota’s Swimmy Jimmy, handed everyone a Zip-Lok with the material and a page showing the recipe.

We split into three groups, and off we went. The visitors like me and two others would tie and help the Getting High on Flies vets tying the Swimmy Jimmy. It turned out the men and women in the club were not newbies and had their tying vises and tools. Kits, I later learned, donated by someone anonymously [Angie, of course]. Angie and Doctor Alice split for a late breakfast.


Back Hook:  Daiichi 2461 #4

Body:  White Marabou Spey Wrapped

Overwing:  Olive/Brown Marabou

Connection:  Beadalon .038 and 1 Bead

Front Hook: Daiichi 2461 #2 (30 degree bend in the front)

Body:  White Marabou Spey Wrapped

Overwing:  Olive/Brown Marabou

Collar:  Sculpin Olive (top)/White (bottom) Deer Hair

Head:  Sculpin Olive (top)/White (bottom) Deer Hair

Eyes:  7 mm Fish Skull Eyes

Here’s a better than we used video of the Swimmy Jimmy as tied by Josh Varner


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