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In The Riffle‘s 10 Carp Commandments are right on the money. Follow these rules and you’ll start catching more and spooking fewer of these noble bottom feeders.

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]atching a Common Carp on a Fly is no easy task.  Many anglers make just a few small mistakes and these mistakes cost anglers fish time and time again.  These mistakes are made by guides and novices alike.  Carp are much different creatures than trout and the fly fishing tactics are different as well. This short write up will address the small mistakes anglers make and help you fool this tricky fish.  OBEY the “10 Carp Commandments” and catch more Carp!

#1. Thou Shalt Always Make Downstream Presentations
Downstream presentations are key in catching Carp on the Fly.  Many anglers take the traditional upstream approach and this approach is the kiss of death.  An upstream presentation means that the fly splashes in front of the fish (spooking it), the line lands on top of the fish (also spooking it) and the fly is stripped back to and over the fish (once again…also spooking it).  Cast your fly down, across and in front of the fish.  Then pull your flies to the fish and drop them in it’s face.  That is how it is done!

Common carp.

#2. Thou Shalt Not Splat Your Flies
A bad presentation is why Carp do not eat your fly.  Your fly must land softly and away from the fish.  The “splat” and residual rings (made from your fly landing) will spook fish every time.

#3. Thou Shalt Not Strip Flies Fast
Most anglers strip Carp flies way too fast.  Slow it down.  Carp usually want the fly to just slowly fall in front of them.  A quick strip will send a carp on his grumpy way and spook him for good.  A small and slow strip is only needed when the fish does not see your fly.

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