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The Less Mess Morrish Mouse

Tim Flagler’s Less Mess Morrish Mouse

By Skip Clement, Contributor

Tim Flagler, the fly-tying whisperer, as he’s known to your other editors (Capt. Andrew Derr and Steve Hudson, both authors), captured, just last week, a lot of attention with his Less Mess Morrish Mouse.

The video has already made its way around the internet with several stops at online magazines, fly tying blog sites, and the New York Times of online fly fishing news, MidCurrent.


One, it catches bass and trouts; two, it catches bass and trouts; three, it catches bass and trouts and lastly, it’s so freakin’ easy to tie. There are only two materials. Neither is hard to find or expensive (there are substitutes, but mine have not improved the pattern). Tim even shows how you cast a wet mop, using what I’ve been proselytizing for over a year – OPST Skagit.

Liking only easy to tie fly patterns that need only a few materials that are easy to find, cheap, cast well, are not smaller than a #14, and catch fish are not goals – they are qualifiers.

This fly pattern, Less Mess Morrish Mouse as tied by Tim Flagler, has relatives for sure, but Flagler’s version is sooo, so simple to tie, and it caught trout and bass, so far.


Hook – Gamakatsu size 1, SP11-2L3h – Stock Number 96510-12

Thread – UTC 140 denier, brown

Zonker Strip – Wapsi, Pine Squirrel Skin – Zonked Brown

Craft Foam – 2mm thick, use plastic templates … see vido


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