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The roll cast is like the “sums” basics of mathematics

The explainer in chief, Carl McNeil – Swift Fly Fishing Company.

By Skip Clement

According to one of my grandchildren, Luca, via his teacher mom, my daughter, the acronym BODMAS lets you know which order to solve mathematical problems [or sums]. It’s essential that you follow the rules of BODMAS as, without it, your answers can be wrong.

The BODMAS acronym is for Brackets (parts of a calculation inside brackets always come first); Orders (numbers involving powers or square roots), Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction.

NOTE: Of course I didn’t know that – my daughter explained it along with other acronyms that solve Algebraic basics… and so on. At 80 years old I was sent back to 4th grade with my grandees and not as an exceptional student – more like ‘given’ a passing grade because I could teach my intellectual peers how to tie flies [art class], and they loved learning about “fly fishing.”

It’s not a stretch

So, in fly casting, there is a BODMAS too, with an acronym I’ve yet to make up – and it’s not what you’d expect, but if you think about it, the roll cast solves fly casting problems [or sums]. In the case of “getting it,” a roll cast is the basis for all spey casts, and the breastfeeder of the overhand or overhead cast and not a stretch.

Over the years of combing the net for good videos about fly casting, I found many. The best of the older vids belong to Joan Wulff and Lefty Kreh, and today we have Maxine McCormack, a California teenager, and Steve Rajeff of Loomis, both world champions. But for the current explainer in chief for teaching by the show and tell method is Carl McNeil of Epic [Swift Fly Fishing Company] who shares my applauding the roll cast as BODMAS.

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