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Tim Flagler’s Margaree Bug. Skate this bad boy across water that hold basses – hang on.

Tying the Margaree Bug

I have no way of knowing how good this fly is, but since Tim Flagler is touting it and showing us how to tie it – I’m good with it. Flagler has visited the Cape Breton portion of the Margaree River turf since childhood and continues now to fly fish for its famous visitor, the Atlantic salmon.

Also, it’s easy and fun to tie – it makes one feel like they know what they’re doing.

Atlantic salmon, the King of Fish, by renowned illustrator/watercolorist Thom Glace. Used with permission.


  • Mustad Streamer hook #4 to #8 [2XH/3XL] – R73-9671]
  • UTC lack 70 Denier
  • Fine olive and wine color Chenille
  • Krystal Flash
  • A few strands of body hair
  • Single feather hen neck – green
  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails

The Margaree Bug can be tied with or without a riffling hitch.


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