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A couple, a man and woman standing in mid stream flyfishing in a river.

Un hombre y una mujer pescando con mosca en un río.

Southwick Associates Welcomes Lou Cornicelli to Team of Experts

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FERNANDINA BEACH, FL -Southwick Associates is pleased to announce Dr. Lou Cornicelli has joined Southwick Associates as a Senior Analyst. With 28 years of experience working for state fish and wildlife agencies, Lou provides Southwick Associates with increased ability help its conservation and outdoor clients find answers and solutions to challenging issues.

“The challenges facing resource managers have changed rapidly in recent years,” commented Rob Southwick, President. “Lou’s understanding of the challenges facing our community is a huge benefit to our clients, but his experience brings greater depth to our analytical and management teams.”

Lou has a rich background in both the biological and social sciences, including wildlife disease response, management, and research. He holds a BS in Natural Resources from Cornell University, an MS in wildlife ecology from Southern Illinois University, and a PhD in human dimensions from the University of Minnesota.


Alaska: Dunleavy administration will appeal federal government’s decision to reject Pebble mine permit

By Alex DeMarban / Anchorage Daily News / January 13, 2021

The Dunleavy administration will file an administrative appeal to challenge the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decision denying a key permit for the proposed Pebble copper and gold project in Southwest Alaska.

“The flawed decision by the Alaska District creates a dangerous precedent that will undoubtedly harm Alaska’s future and, any potential project can fall victim to the same questionable standards,” Gov. Mike Dunleavy said in a prepared statement on Friday. “We have to prevent a federal agency, in this instance, the Alaska District of the Army Corps of Engineers, from using the regulatory process to effectively prevent the state from fulfilling a constitutional mandate to develop its natural resources.”

The Corps rejected a permit for the mine in November but left open a path for Pebble to administratively appeal the decision.

Pebble has not yet filed that appeal, said Mike Heatwole, a spokesman with developer Pebble Limited Partnership. It has until Jan. 25, a Corps spokesman said.

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Trump promised to be a protector of Public Lands until he got elected. His sycophants without conscience have embraced the radical idea of taking national public lands from the American people. The image is of Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. Credit: Joseph, Flickr.

A last-ditch effort to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling is underway / New York Times

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge remains largely as Mr. Seaton described it in 1959: “One of the most magnificent wildlife and wilderness areas in North America,” providing “a wilderness experience not duplicated elsewhere.” We must hold on to the wild places we have left, particularly when spoiling them is so unnecessary.

I urge President-elect Joe Biden to take immediate action after his inauguration on Jan. 20 to halt the leasing process and suspend all oil activities and operations in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. By doing so, he will restore in the American people the faith that their leaders will preserve the most magnificent wildlife and wilderness areas in North America for generations to come.

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Susan Eisenhower is a consultant, a policy analyst and the author of “How Ike Led: The Principles Behind Eisenhower’s Biggest Decisions



Boron AIR 2 [3- thru 6-weight].

Winston AIR 2 Freshwater Fly Rods with Boron

The next generation of all-around freshwater fly rods (3wt-6wt). These rods can do anything – present tiny dry flies to wary trout on flat water, cast a heavy streamer to the far bank in the wind, launch the entire line when you need it, and make quick, accurate close-range shots. From high stick nymphing, pounding the banks from the boat, or wet wading, the new AIR 2 is a pack rod, a travel rod, a beautiful rod, and an all-around rod. It’s the new Winston. When you can only bring one rod…the amazing new Boron AIR 2. You won’t want to leave home without it. Now is the time.



Thom Glace at work before COVID 19 slowed his pace.

Unbroken: The Thom Glace’s are recovering from COVID 19

Thom, recently released from the hospital, following his wife Mary’s encounter that did not require hospitalization, is now back in the studio finishing up some commision pieces. He says recovery is a slow process for him, but expects to be ready for opening day with his new Henry Fly Rod 5-weight.

“I bought the Henry to aid in my casting. I had to give up fly fishing conventionally and now enjoy tenkara, but I love casting, and looking forward to watching a fly roll out without the menace of pain.”



Not only does plastic pollution in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch pose risks for the safety and health of marine animals, but there are health and economic implications for humans as well.

Tabulating the Victims of Plastic Pollution

When biologists in Florida dissected the carcass of a manatee, they found its stomach and intestinal tract clogged with plastic bags. In Oregon, a photographer found a harbor seal at rest on the beach with a plastic strap so deeply girdled around its neck that it was almost concealed by blubber and inflamed skin. And at a South Carolina rescue center, a loggerhead turtle undergoing rehabilitation defecated more than 50 pieces of plastic.

These are just several of the nearly 1,800 events compiled in a new report from the marine conservation group Oceana. The report explores, in graphic detail, how plastic waste is directly harming the ocean’s inhabitants.

Americans’ consumption habits play a huge role in the matter. Researchers led by Kara Lavender Law of the Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, recently found that the United States generates more plastic trash than any other nation. Factoring in illegal dumping within the United States and the fact that much of Americans’ waste is shipped overseas for recycling, the authors also calculated that the United States discards more plastic into or near the ocean than most other nations.

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