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You will never need to hand-tie a loop to loop fly line connection again. Now it is DIY welded: easy, quick, smooth and more secure than hand tied

Creating new loops at the ends of your fly line or building heads and running lines used to require making a new, hand tied loop at the end of the line. A lumpy thing at best.

You no longer need to think twice about cutting your fly line to meet that special fly fishing situation.

Watch the video – go to the hardware store, cut away and then weld

The material used for welding is polyolefin 2:1 heat shrink tubing which comes in various diameters. For example, 1/16-inch for tips and running lines, 1/8-inch (4- to 9-weight lines), and 3/16-inch for shooting heads.

If you’re the nervous Nellie type, like me, you can buy the shrink tubing from RIO Products. It is inexpensive. The heat gun is a no-brainer (Lowes, ACE, local hardware store, Home Depot). You can opt for a hand-held, lay on the table or even larger shop model. One caution, be sure that the weld is completely closed where the loop enters the weld.

In the field, a butane cigarette lighter will work – with a little dexterity thrown in.

My fly shop rat friend uses Aquaseal, a urethane repair adhesive, lightly applied to the weld – an insurance policy she says that weather protects the weld. Jury out on that one – Clear Goo?

Shop Welding 101

[youtube id=”VnyXkEqNgkQ?list=PLCU7e8KN0L6iuNv-EgxhwWLFNVOnIWZYG” width=”620″ height=”360″]



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