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Vee shaped mono weed guard is a good guard for bonefish in grasses and around coral and for general saltwater use.

If you come tight and there ‘ain’t’ no wiggle, you caught the world we live in, not a fish

By Skip Clement / videos by Intheriffle 

Weed guards are essential ingredients for more than one species, a requirement in several habitats/environments, and will advantage your hook-up potential. The latter is almost always true for a weed-guarded mouse pattern for trouts, poppers off lily pads for largemouth bass, or shrimp patterns in flats grasses for bones and reds.

Too, without an ‘effective’ weed guard, a grassy flat could end up being a waste of time if you consistently end up with a piece/s of grass clinging to your hook, which will never entice a bite from self-respecting pescados.

For those looking to better their overall game and bolster their catch stats – watch these short videos by InTheRiffle.

It is not essential that YOU tie these weed guards on ‘your’ hand-tied flies but that you know what animals are best pursued with what kind of weed guard. So in that scenario, jot down what will come in handy to know when you pop into your local fly shop to get weed guarded flies for your next adventure on the water.

Copy and paste info between brackets:

1. Freshwater Bass Weed Guard

The most universal of all weed guards.


2. Double Loop Weed Guard

The Double Loop Weed Guard is the go-to for heavy cover, structure (bass flies). This is the weed guard for mouse patterns used where your fly gets popped into the water from the bank or off lily pads.


3. Single Mono Weed Guard 

The Single Mono Weed Guard is for light saltwater flies or just smaller flies. For improved effectiveness, tie with heavier mono (25- 30-pound mono).


4. V-Shaped Mono Saltwater Weed Guard

The V-Shaped Weed Guard excellent for flies that ride hook up (bonefish, redfish, and permit, especially in light grass.



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