Kanal Gratis showing basic two-handed spey grips in his video that you can review below. 

You can be very effective using two-handed casting techniques with conventional length fly rods. Think – new shooting head lines

By Skip Clement

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Last Friday, I was scrolling through Marshall Cutchin’s Midcurrent website and found a video I liked on how to spey cast. Why was it special? Clarity. There are a lot of how to videos out there by some very accomplished two-handed spey casting lads and lasses, but comparatively not quite as straightforwardly put and without any unnecessary elaboration. Instructions are very simply put in this video by a Swede.

Mr. Kanal Gratis is the author of the video and clearly a well-schooled spey caster/fly fisher. He captures for anyone that fly fishes, the connection between conventional one-handed casting and two-handed casting – it’s like a bell going off.

While learning via video can be complicated, Kanal strips that away by telling viewers “WHY” you do each function – knowing by experience what makes people stall trying to learn to spey cast.

A good fly casting teacher requires him or her being able to revert back to when they were learning  – not easy at all

Almost all the good coaches/teachers of an athletic event or how to acquire physical come-together coordination like golf or fly fishing were never much beyond enthusiastic and useful at their sport.

Maybe that’s where “Just Do It” came from?

Ted Williams, one of the most talented baseball players ever to have lived, and similarly capable as a fly fisher/caster couldn’t even come close to being a useful teacher of those things he excelled… beyond all he played with or fished with. To him, everything was just natural to do and therefore had no idea where someone new would hang up.

NOTE: Clicking on Kanal Gratis’ link sends you nowhere of interest. This video must be his first – hope to see more. His website is an online store in Sweden – 80% conventional “gear.”


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