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Video Roundup: 8 Permit, 4 Days, Prosek’s Eli the Eel, River Fishing 2

We have an eclectic group of films this week for your viewing pleasure. 8 Permit, 4 Days requires little explanation. Dude killed it down in Xcalak, Mexico last year. From respected and prolific artist, James Prosek, comes Eli the Eel. It is a cool animated piece about the life of the Anguilla eel. Finally, the high octane River Fishing 2 from Filippo Bortolon, captures some insane pike fishing that you will not want to miss.

Be sure to check back each week for a new batch of fly fishing films from our Video Roundup. Got a movie you think we should include? Let us know how to check it out and we’ll do our best.

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