[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow to save your fly rod, your head and body from being attacked by a wind blown fly – a cross wind that’s blowing right to left (if right handed) or left to right (if left handed), requires a little getting used to. Although both casting techniques look easy, a little practice time will save the day.

If you’re coming to the Florida Keys in the winter months, you’ll most certainly encounter blustery days on the flats. Cold fronts come and go but when they arrive here in the Keys or Bahamas – it will blow plus 20 for a few days.

If the Bahamas are your winter destination, wind will be a factor.

The following two casting techniques will work wonders on any windy flat.

BELGIAN CAST WITH SHAWN LEADON / Click here to visit website […]

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KACKHANDED CAST – RED’S FLY SHOP / Click here to visit website […]

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