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Video: Tying the Bimini Twist made easy

A couple of former Pittsburgh Steeler teammates recently visited Ft. Lauderdale, my home turf. As usual, I called my regular charter guy, but he was out-of-the-water overhauling engines in a local yard. He recommended a replacement captain that claimed fly fishing offshore knowledge. All three of us are capable fly anglers, but my buds are a little short on knot making, especially the Bimini Twist.

Nothing could be easier than building a Bimini and it adds so much to the offshore leader performance without sacrificing line strength. The mate on our charter did not know how to tie the Bimini and the captain’s version was an abortion that took him close to four minutes to tie; incorrectly. Unacceptable.

Searching YouTube and Vimeo’s to find one that gets the job done with regard to tying the Bimini resulted in the following. You need to see just how easy this must-know knot is to tie – in seconds.

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