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The Chattahoochee River at the Devil’s Shoals, East Palisades Park, Fulton County, Georgia. Photo credit Lonesome Crow. A commons image.

The Atlanta Fly Fishing Show is the Southeast’s stepping stone to spring and trout, bass, crappie, redfish, stripers, and tarpon. From inshore to offshore, lakes to mountains, rivers to creeks, and marshes to ponds.

Atlanta, more to offer than the South’s best Southern hospitality

The Chattahoochee River was here long before the city, but sometimes people forget about it. The waterway is one of three trout rivers in the world that runs through a metro area of a million or more people. And then there are the fish – a blue-ribbon trout stream; Trout Unlimited, national advocacy, and conservation group, named it one of the top 100 streams in America. The largest trout caught in Georgia—31.5 inches, 20 pounds—was hooked on the Chattahoochee. The fishing here is remarkable.

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