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By Capt. Andrew Derr

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]atching a permit on the fly is widely considered the ultimate achievement in saltwater fly fishing. This is a pretty cool cursory overview of how to begin to wrap your head around the quest for permit on the fly. Be careful with this one because the quest for permit is a bit like falling down the rabbit hole. Obsessive doesn’t begin to approach the level of insanity that can develop when falling for permit fishing.

Permit flats.

Here, Olly Thompson of Aardvark McLeod Fly Fishing,  breaks down a lot of nomenclature, tackle,  flies, tides, environments, fish behavior, and general approach to fly fishing for permit. Olly makes a lot of sense and clearly has spent a ton of time on the water. He offers sage advice worth listening to if you are considering a permit adventure or are even considering it.

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