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Here’s a tip from Sandy Moret of Florida Keys Outfitters, Islamorada, Florida. One that should be embraced, unfailingly

Sandy Moret has had more than 25 years of plying the Florida Keys, Florida Bay and Everglades National Park’s interior waters so when he has something to say, it’s a good idea to pay attention.

A beautiful day of fly fishing is no place for friction

During the course of a day casting, especially in saltwater, salt dries on your flyline leaving salt particles, as well as bonded sand and grit. Although it happens gradually, it happens. As the day goes on you feel like your not casting better, but worse. It’s not you, it’s the flyline – it doesn’t slide through the guides and shoot as easily as it should.

How to avoid friction

You can avoid friction by lubricating the flyline several times using a pad containing a silicone grease. After cleaning the fly line you’ll find the difference in casting to be dramatic.

Keep it in your pocket

If you keep the applicator in your tackle bag you are not as likely to use it so keep the applicator in your pocket, use it frequently and Sandy guarantees you will catch more fish!

The UMPQUA GLIDE LINE DRESSING BOX is $6 anywhere you purchase it.

The UMPQUA GLIDE LINE DRESSING BOX is $6 anywhere you purchase it.


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