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A mixed zooplankton sample from station LTER-MC with indicated some common taxa. Copepods: 1 Calanidae 2 Temora stylifera 3 Calocalanus 4 Clausocalanus 5 Oncaeidae 6 gastropod larva 7 doliolid 8 fish egg 9 decapod larva. Wikipedia commons image – Nature Conservation.

Peter Rüegg studied Biology at ETH Zurich with focus on Ecology, Phytogeography and Biosystematics. After completing his studies he worked as freelance ecologist, amongst others, field-​mapping breeding birds at the ornithological station Sempach. He started his journalistic career in 1997, first writing for local newspapers in Winterthur, later for Neue Luzerner Zeitung. Between 2002 bis 2005 he served as media relations responsible for Pro Natura, before joining Corporate Communications as scientific editor in August 2005. He is working on the Content team.

Plankton head polewards

By Peter Ruegg  / ETH Zurich / 10.15.2021


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