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One of four packs of 24 each Ponytail Holder packages [‘Scrunchies’] heading to my tying desk behind me.

Dollar Stores . . .

By Skip Clement

When I bought my brand of toothpaste at less than half price, I was onboard with discount stores.

If you are retired, one soon enough drops his or her too good to shop at a Dollar Store attitude – learning quickly that income growth opportunities ‘ain’t gonna’ happen because a fixed income means precisely that.

When I bought a 300 year supply of dubbing [yarn] at Michaels for $14 [on sale], I was good with shopping there

The pictured items above are made in China and are called ‘Scrunchies’ in some discount chains and come packaged in various colors. At the store I bought the pictured, they are labeled Ponytail Holders – the same thing exactly. 

Also made in China are ‘Squirmies.’ Like the pictured, they are different colored hand wiggle toys with sewn-in eyes, but carrot-shaped and longer – giant worms or slugs. Largemouth bass cannot resist them. NOTE: Use a trailer hook to avoid short strikes.

Great grey slug and Spanish slug

Pictured: Great grey slug and Spanish slug. Tie up a ‘Squirmy’ and you got a look alike.

NOTE 2: All of these made in China toys are poorly made and tied onto a hook and fished will not survive long, and some will unravel while being tied. Bring plenty to fish with . . .

NOTE 3: I have better results painting the tip red after burning it with a lighter and then add two antennae – weld [melt eyes] hard Mason monofilament.

For better tying results buy supplies at your local fly shop

Watch tying the ‘Scrunchies’ with Rick Bosel



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