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Finally, a multi fly storage box design that eliminates awkward and junky

Image Tandem Fly Co.

Glad to see team USA stepping up

By Skip Clement

There are a few dropper fly rig boxes that do solve storing standard two fly rigs, but nothing as handy, or perfect pocket-sized as the Tandem Fly Co design. Oddly, American made and as unusual as that is it’s the quality that further defines it. It is plastic, but handling and storing, closing, opening, actually gives a feeling of quality made and being a many seasons durable – a good investment.

Personal experiences with the Chinese made plastic fly boxes, which is 99% of the market has not been favorable concerning ease of use, the function of open and close, and convenience of moveable internal parts.

The Tandem Fly Co dropper InTheRiffle video below delivers a sharp contrast to competitor fly boxes that can accommodate multi-fly rigs.

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