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Konbanwa! Good Evening in Osaka Bay

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he sun rises early in Japan and it takes some getting used to.

My wife and I have been going on holidays in Japan in recent years and we found ourselves in Japan again this spring of 2019. We find Japan a fascinating place filled by a mix of experiences with friendly people, amazing cultures, wonderful food and beautiful countryside.

By tab2_dawa under license.

This trip sees us flying into Tokyo with a short day trip to Mount Fuji. We will then travel using Japan’s amazing railroad system to Takayama and we included a visit to Shirakawago.

 We will then head back to Nagoya before transferring to Osaka.

This is also an opportunity to catch up with some good friends in Tokyo and Osaka who are also fly fishers, plus squeeze in some time to do some fishing.

Deceiver suitable for Sea Bass. Mike Cline under license.

What an incredible spring evening it was in Osaka Bay.

I have always been curious about fishing for seabass ever since first hearing about it and seeing them in videos and print.

I was curious about the mostly nighttime pursuit for them, wondered about what it’s like criss-crossing a busy bay area and hunting for them amongst ships, dockyards and other structures you’d typically find in a busy bay area.

How hard do they fight, and are they difficult to catch, or easy? There are many questions that had buildup in my head.

Yusaku San picked me up from my hotel in downtown Osaka at 7 plus that evening and we headed straight to Osaka Porto Marina where we arrived after a 20 minutes drive from the city, Kato San and the boat are already waiting for us.

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