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The black dots surrounding Barry Ord Clarke are hordes of mosquitoes. Large Arctic Char in Norway – Clarke photo.

What’s in your fly wallet? 

By Skip Clement

Ants are terrestrials squared, and tying this CDC [cul-de-canard – fluffy material that comes from around the preening gland of a duck or goose] Ant by Barry Ord Clarke can be changed to red and black.

Hughie McDowell, formerly New Zealand’s top angler in the world fly fishing competitions and the county’s top fly tyer, gave me a similar ant pattern decades ago when he guides me for two months – off and on.

His ant fly offspring remain an active choice for trouts in the summer and even as a change-up in any season – with positive results. Don’t leave home without some.

The Clarke CDC ant is very easy to tie – fun actually, and I suggest tying up a few dozen on different hook shapes, sizes, and some, of course, with red influence.

  • Hook: Mustad R30-94833 # 16
  • Tying Thread: Black size 14/0 [almost gossamer; use it for making midges and dainty floating flies].
  • Body: One black CDC puff
  • Hackle: Brown dyed grizzly or brown

Barry Ord Clarke . . .


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