Paul at work.

Paul at work.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]riginally from Dallas, Texas, Paul Puckett now finds his home in Charleston, South Carolina. After stints in Jackson, Wyoming and Atlanta, Georgia, Paul decided to put his roots down in the salty, pluff-mud grassy flats of the “Lowcountry,” where the thoughts of stalking a tailing redfish haunt him daily and nightly.

With a background in drawing and painting, Paul also has a love for pop art and creative ways to put the subject of fly fishing in just about any subject matter in order to poke a little humor at everyday matters. Paul doesn’t seem to have a certain style or subject that he favors, he is fine with all over the map and never knows what subject or style may be ahead.  Paul said: “I am constantly trying something new, whether that’s good or bad, that’s where I like to be.  I am easily distracted by new styles and new ways to do something, other artist inspire me….I will most likely not have ‘my’ unique style till I’m 80, and I am fine with that!”

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"Kings Armor"

“Kings Armor”

"Togiak Sockeye"

“Togiak Sockeye”

Eyes of The Red

Eyes of The Red


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