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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne small perk of writing for a fly fishing magazine is getting to test drive cool new gear when I travel to a new fishing destination. Recently I returned from a really great trip to the Bahamas where I managed to fish with a slick new setup from the great minds at Far Bank Enterprises. Perfectly matched were the “Desert” colored Redington Behemoth 7/8 and the 8 weight Crux rod from Redington. Loaded with a RIO DirectCore Flats Pro line and a bunch of backing, the rig felt perfectly balanced in my hand right from the start at my rigging table in Greenport, NY. The romance only grew from there.

Redington has developed and integrated into the design of the Crux an “Angled Key Grip”

Redington Crux

Redington is putting out some superb equipment these days. They have stood the test of time and will be here to honor their  iron clad warranty down the road, should you need it. Their latest invention, the Redington Crux, is aesthetically gorgeous and performs with both gusto in the wind and with a precise finesse in close quarters. Redington says, “It is the best rod we’ve ever built.”

I have owned and fished many Redingtons. The Crux is as good or better than any of those. Redington has developed and integrated into the design of the Crux an “Angled Key Grip,” a denser pre-compressed cork material designed to increase durability on the cork beneath the thumb position. The Crux is adorned with a stylized reel seat with the Crux logo inscribed on top. Lightweight guides are bound to the attractive matte metallic olive finish with minimal wraps, designed “to increase recovery for high line speed gains.”

Balanced outfit at a reasonable price.

Redington Behemoth 7/8 Reel

This value priced offering in the Redington lineup of reels has become very, very popular since it’s inception about 3 years ago. The reasons are simple and obvious. It looks cool, functions well and is priced very modestly at a somewhat jaw dropping $109.99. The new color offerings are really refreshing options. The Desert and Gunmetal options  on the Redington Behemoth look really cool and the Desert color specifically looks great on the Crux rod. I experienced some really strong bonefish in the Bahamas recently and the carbon fiber drag package never hiccuped once. The large arbor design allowed for quick retrieval when fish came towards me, always a scary moment. The handle is well positioned and comfortable to wind. Throw on top that Redington’s design is totally original, performs very well, and is priced very competitively and you have a great candidate for “best in the economy class” of  workhorse reels.

Behemoth’s stylized design (Desert color).

RIO DirectCore

RIO Products DirectCore Flats Pro Fly Line– Built on RIO’s DirectCore, their new flagship saltwater fly line has been designed for anglers hitting tropical flats in search of bonefish, permit and tarpon. Triple color distance marking design lets you know which part of the fly line is which. Nobody knows fly lines like RIO. The Flats Pro matched the Crux’ fast action taper perfectly and would be the line I would recommend to anybody heading out to flats fish with this combo.


Redington is a pretty ingenious company with “quality products at a reasonable price” ideology. I am impressed with the style that Redington has developed over the past several years. They are taking some chances with design and it seems to be paying off. Their rod and reel lineups are a “must consider” for those exploring the market’s offerings outside of the “premium gear” class. They offer really attractive gear that performs very well and will not break the bank. Cheers to that.

Head on down to your nearest fly shop to test drive the Crux and Behemoth or contact my nearest Redington dealer, Urban Angler. They have been a Redington dealer for decades and are helpful and knowledgeable on all things fly fishing.


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