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Casting, Number Two, by Winslow Homer, 1894, American painting, watercolor on paper.

Having art, fly fishing art, provides pleasure and spreads joy each day of my life

By Skip Clement

One of the nicest personal gifts a friend, family member, or spouse could give a fly fisher is a piece of art, the kind that gets hung on a wall. The selection possibilities cross borders, covers millennia, and offers prospects approaching grains of sand found on a tiny beach cove.


One of the best ways to view more than one artist who meets the superior measure is via Marshall Cutchins’s one size fits all website, Midcurrent. It’s the fly fishing world’s most influential Internet provider of news, writing, photography and how-to advice. The site began as an aggregator of fly fishing news, and along the way added original articles, videos and the introduction of Fly Fishing Art Gallery and a Photography Gallery.

NOTE: I did not include photography in this coverage.

To make selections, I went to Capt. Andrew Derr, our former editor; TJ Douglas, a fiction writer and art collector; bonafide collector and trout angler Robinson Windsor; and Angie Roth, my often angling partner and collector. My challenge was to develop three artists they’d like to have in their collection or add to an already owned piece or pieces.

Thom Glace – rainbow trout [Oncorhynchus mykiss], brown trout [Salmo trutta], and brook trout [Salvelinus fontinalis is a char].

I felt qualified enough to meet my standards and thus added my preferences included

Qualifiers for all whom I asked to participate was being excellent fly fishers and having a passion for art covering the subject of fish and angling.   

Capt. Andrew Derr:

Thom Glace – watercolorist

Tim Borski – impressionist

James Prosek – naturalist

TJ Douglas:

Winslow Homer – painter

Mike Savlen – painter

George Martinez – naturalist

Mike Savlen

Robinson Windsor:

Don Ray – painter

Stanley Meltzoff – painter/illustrator

Winslow Homer – painter

Angie Roth:

Mary Maxam – oil painter

AD Maddox – painter

Diane Michelin – watercolorist

Snook – Don Ray

Skip Clement:

Thom Glace – illustrator/watercolorist

Don Ray – Painter

Adrian Gray – Painter

Diane has the gift of capturing “Time Regained.”







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