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Dun Magazine is a well-worn read at Fly Life Magazine. The writing is crisp, the photography sharp and their world visits tease us to get out and do more. Lauren Clement, our conservation editor, decided to follow up on a new hire at Dun, Meg Humphries. Humphries recently accepted a position there as Director of Marketing. Lauren wanted to know why a magazine so entrenched in fly fishing would turn over such an important role to a non-fly fisher.

Dun Magazine's new Marketing Director, Meg Humphries. poses at home with her family. Image credit Humphries.

Dun Magazine’s new Marketing Director, Meg Humphries. poses at home with her family. Image credit Humphries.

Dun Magazine’s New Marketing Director: Interview

By Lauren Stallings Clement / Conservation Editor / August 19, 2016

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]un Magazine announced a new addition to their team on Aug. 19. Coming from a background as a fitness trainer at The Dailey Method and with a passion for marketing, Meg is excited to explore our sport as well as reach out to potential future anglers. As the Director of Marketing. Meg Humphries is looking to take its message of positive, environmentally-conscious, female-focused involvement in fly fishing to a wider audience. She took some time out to answer a few questions for us.

FLM: What brought you to a fly fishing magazine as a non-angler?

MH: I come from the wellness and fitness community and have been lucky enough to work with a brand that heavily supports women supporting women, empowering us to cultivate a community of strength and building women up in our own corners of the globe. When I first came across Dun, I was instantly drawn to their vision. Even though I myself am not an angler, I love that the community is one that acts as that same empowering presence and truly is an outlet for healing, restoration, and wellness. While I am not a seasoned angler, all of those sentiments resonate heavily with me.

FLM: Dun Magazine has an inspiring and progressive message for women. How do you see yourself promoting Dun Magazine as an empowering source for women in fly fishing?

MH: I’m eager to share Dun and it’s inspiring platform with the women I do life with and help to build the community and all that it stands for. We are working on an exciting social media initiative that will help bring women of all ages, races, backgrounds and interests together –  a strong reminder that Dun is for everyone and desires to see women come together through the world of fly fishing. Stay tuned on our social media sites to learn more!

FLM:  Expanding on that point, will the magazine share a passion for angling with women, who are not usually involved in the sport?

MH: Coming from the fitness world, I’d love for those (like myself) who are unfamiliar with the sport to find a passion for all that the community offers. The more I talk with great women anglers, the more I realize the restorative components that the sport has to offer. I’d love to see fly fishing become the next “yoga”  in the world of wellness and fitness and think that Dun is paving the way for that to become reality. I love that our goal at Dun is to empower women everywhere: those who are not currently anglers to try the sport in addition to those who already love it. With that being said, I’ve booked my official first session with Dun founder, Jen, to try it for myself!

FLM: How do you see Dun supporting conservation efforts nationally?

MH: I love a community that gives back and is passionate about leaving the world better than they found it. Dun magazine commits to over 100 volunteer hours a year toward national conservation efforts!

Check out their Facebook and Twitter DunMagazine pages.

NOTE: Featured Image is a random TOC page of a DUN magazine issue.


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