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Barry Ord Clarke’s completed Wulff White Dry Fly. Courtesy of Clarke’s The Feather Bender.

Making the connection with one of Lee Wulff’s monster dry flies

To this day, some fly fishers gifted a perfect replica of a White Wulff Dry Fly will set it aside thinking it’s a mistake, too large to be useful – a huge miscalculation.

By Skip Clement

Both Barry Ord Clarke and Lee Wulff are famous in our world of fly fishing, recognized as such by famous anglers, famous fly tyers, and writers, but more importantly by thousands of not-so-famous, ordinary anglers and tyers like perhaps you and me.

However, in defense of our awareness, we have recognized both men in stories in which they are a significant part and could be linked one or more of our recent list of 4,206 published reports. There could also mention of their participation in previous stories published priorly in other formats; Barry contributing as a tyer and photographer, and Wulff as a significant fly angler, tyer, conservationist, aviator-adventurer, and innovator of new products, or angling techniques.

Lee’s White Wulff Fly, shown how-to tie in the video by Barry Ord Clarke [January 13, 2020], was first tied on location while filming a series of four articles Lee Wulff wrote for the Atlantic Salmon Journal.  Click Here to read all four parts of this original story by Lee Wulff published by The Atlantic Salmon Federation.

Note: The White Wulff Fly, the Grey Wulff, and Royal Wulff are the original series that Lee Wulff designed himself. The White Wulff ticks all the boxes for the perfect pattern, basic materials, is easy to tie, floats well, is easy to see, even at a distance, and resembles one or another thing that trout will eat. Read more here . . .




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