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Steve Kantner holding a clients South Florida canal caught grass carp – Kantner photo / 2013.

Naps, phone conversations, and nostalgia on a rainy day

Before retiring a few years ago, Steve Kantner was South Florida’s most famous walk-in fishing guide. He is a published author, former editor and columnist for major publications, active conservationist, and mentored many while covering every square mile of his turf.

He called me yesterday wanting some images he thought I had of Ted Juracsik [Tibor fly reels] for John Randolph’s [long-time editor of Fly Fisherman] new book about angling yesterday’s that included Ted.

Author Steve Kantner covers ALL of South Florida fishing on foot.

With Kantner on the phone, I looked into the bowels of my 12-year-old Mac, which suffers from dementia and poor organizing by management – all while we talked about some of our great angling experiences and laugh-worthy guffaw experiences, which would be best left out of polite conversation.

The nostalgia lingered the rest of the afternoon, and I looked online for a YouTube video I recalled by Aardvark McLeod heralding the joys of fly fishing the Seychelles,

About the Seychelles vid

This full length feature film published with permission from Alphonse Island Fishing Company is an exciting window onto the incredible fly fishing opportunities from Cosmoledo & Astove Atoll in the Seychelles. Follow Keith Rose-Innes and Devan van der Merwe on their quest to hunt the monster giant trevally that roam the legendary Cosmoledo and Astove atolls in the Seychelles. Another short film from Aardvark McLeod international fly fishing specialists, for more information on this or any of our destinations click here . . .


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