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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]onday’s diet always includes reading Louis Cahill’s Gink & Gasoline, a blog that does not debase anything – imagine that.

Cahill, for those who may not yet know him, is one of fly fishing’s most interesting troubadours – likened, we think, to Lefty Kreh when it comes to tips and tactics. Cahill is also well established as an industry insider and as such provides early opines on the newest gear. Additionally, fishing far and wide he brings destinations to our screens along with tips and tactics.

Interestingly, this past Monday’s blog touched on a subject that has long been put to bed but persists in resistance to scientific reality much the way climate change has with those who ‘feel’ that the earth is only a few thousand years old.

Sorry Charlie, steelhead and rainbow trout are genetically identical

screenshot-2016-10-17-09-27-07The separation of steelhead and rainbow trout is post spawning. Here is what distinguishes them. Simply, if they stay in the river system they are rainbows or head to sea or large lake system (Great Lakes) they are steelhead.

What science has circled the wagon’s on is that fat storage as it relates to metabolism is the “Decider.” A slow fat metabolizing system will be a rainbow and riverine bound. A fast fat burning metabolism version of this salmonoid will become a steelhead – needing more food and a bigger “food-truck” to select from.

To better understand the symbiotics of Oncorhynchus mykiss go first to Cahill’s article . . .

Secondly go here . . .

For a long version go to this subject listen to April Vokey’s Podcasts interviews with Canadian angler / biologist John McMillan – Part One. . . and Part Two . . .


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