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Opinion: Being wise is being nuts about your knots 

This is a complicated tie-down. Two Trucker Htches would have been ten times faster and 100% more secure. Image Subaru Outback.

Knots for hauling are as important as life saving. Angling connection knots save fish hooked and frustration

By Skip Clement

If you’re a truck person and fly fisher, knots make a difference with holding down “stuff” in the truck bed. With gear anchoring there’s a need for a securing knot that is reliable – won’t loosen/slip and unhitches without any labor input.

First up is the “Truckers Hitch” – a secure and straightforward tie-down you’ve seen a hundred times on 18 wheelers rippin’ down the road at 80 mph

The second video is about line to line connections we use every fly fishing day. One, the half Duncan/Blood Knot I’ve never used but is easy to tie being equal parts Duncan Loop and Blood knot.



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