Colorado’s public lands support diverse lifestyles and livelihoods on healthy and working landscapes in Colorado’s backyard. BLM photo.

Undermining environmental protection and condoning the theft of public lands hasn’t disturbed enough people to put a stop to it. And that spinless morality is the code of honor for our elected Congressional representatives

By Skip Clement

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hey are sticking to party lines, even if it is not in the best interest of the country – now even commonplace amongst many citizens. Hunters, anglers, campers, hikers, paddlers, and bird watchers, if tied cult-like to a political party, willingly stand by and do nothing while their rights get taken from them.

And it’s not like you have to dig deep to discover you’re being raped or about to be and get use to KEEP OUT signs

Here’s a perfect example of who is going to f*^k you. Angel Heart’s name is William Perry Pendley. He will be charting the course of the Bureau of Land Management [BLM], the agency within the United States Department of the Interior responsible for administering to and governing with oversight more than 247 million acres – one-eighth of the country’s landmass. He’s on record as an outspoken proponent of selling off public lands and waters to the individually wealthy and corporations domestic or foreign.

Here’s an excerpt of what Backcountry Hunters & Anglers had to say:

Land Tawney, BHA president, and CEO offered outspoken criticism of Pendley’s appointment.

“William Pendley has made a name for himself by relentlessly and brazenly attacking our American system of public lands and waters and advocating for the sale of this priceless American legacy. Mr. Pendley is not someone who should be entrusted with the management of our public estate. The fox has taken control of the hen house, and he is poised to systematically dismantle the very resources he is charged with overseeing.

The Trump administration has stated over and over again its support for our public lands, for our fish and wildlife populations, and for the outdoor traditions cherished by millions of citizens. Actions speak louder than words.” — Land Tawney

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Alaska. Welcome to Public Lands – come before this turns into a private golf club. Wikimedia Commons.

Here’s an excerpt of what Time Magazine had to say:

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt on Monday signed an order making Wyoming native William Perry Pendley acting head of the Bureau of Land Management. The bureau manages nearly 250 million acres of largely wild public lands and their minerals and other resources in vast holdings across the U.S. West.

A conservation group called Pendley an “ideological zealot” and pointed to the federal agency’s announcement earlier this month that it planned to move the BLM’s headquarters from Washington and disperse the headquarters staff among Western states.

Pendley’s “ascending to the top of BLM just as it is being reorganized strongly suggests the administration is positioning itself to liquidate our shared public lands,” said Phil Hanceford, conservation director for The Wilderness Society conservation advocacy group.

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Featured Image is Colorado’s public lands support diverse lifestyles and livelihoods on healthy and working landscapes in Colorado’s backyard. Commons image.


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