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Here April Vokey helps out a fellow tyer at a fly tying symposium. April Vokey is a modern day superstar of fly tying. She has made waves throughout the steelhead world as a fly fisher and made many contributions to tying tube flies.

Extended Body Monofilament Rig

For a long, long time, saltwater anglers have been heeding Bob Popovics‘ magic swimbait bucktail flies that can hold their ‘pinched’ wide silhouette shape. Why? Because flies tied that can hold their profile dramatically improves eats.

The fly Gunnar Brammer illustrates  in the YouTube video below ties his Extended Body Monofilament Rig, which could also be tied on tied on tubes.

“The Mono Split Rig” is a Dual strand Extended Body Monofilament Rig with an intentional gap left in the thread base to allow the body to be threaded on the Ahrex PR378 GB Predator Swimbait Hook. This allows for a seamless transition in the body and profile of the fly, while connecting the body to the hook by a small thread dam to allow the rigging to support the hook weight.

This video also Highlights one of Bob Popovics’ favorite techniques – manipulating the fly silhouette by pinching the bucktail into the desire shape upon setting the hair. The Dual Strand Extension is also useful for maintaining a constant orientation during the tying process for other fly styles outside of the Swimbait Hook.”¬†

Materials List:

Hard Mono: Perlon Hard Monofilament Leader Material – 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb

Thread: Danville Fine Mono 0.006″ diameter

Hook: Ahrex PR378 in 6/0


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