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“The Fur Ant may well be the ‘Rodney Dangerfield’ of flies in that it just doesn’t get a lot of respect. But when tied small and executed to perfection, like this size 20 by Matt Grobert, it’s one of the deadliest fly patterns ever devised.” –Videographer, Tim Flagler, Tightline Productions.

A reader sent us a link to Marshall Cutchin’s Midcurrent News, the New York Times of our online fly fishing blogs, magazines, newsletters and user resource fly fishing news of any kind. MC had a reference to this outstanding fly.

Okay, everyone gets lots of tying videos. Why this ant?

One, and foremost, it is deadly; two, it’s soo, so easy to tie, and three, any video from Flagler (Tightline Productions), InTheRiffle, or Jay Nichols (Caddis Fly Shop) is worth watching because they leave nothing out (of course there are several others).

NOTE: Featuted Image Black Fur Ant

Recipe in Video:

You can modify the following and expect similar results.

Size 20 Tiemco, Down Eye, 1 X fine, Wide Gape

Black or Olive 6/0 Danville Thread

Black and Brown dubbing / Austrailian possum

Dark Dun Hackle Feather (black)

[vimeo id=”134718613″ width=”620″ height=”360″]



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