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Tips & Tactics: The importance of a quick delivery cannot be overstated

Capt. Chris Myers is a central Florida full-time fishing guide and Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Fly Casting Instructor. His website . . . 

The biggest mistake anglers make when fishing the deck of skiff is not knowing how to get 50-, 60-feet line out fast. When trout fishing your quarry is generally parked, but on the saltflats or ocean your target is fleeting a thing so the speed of delivery and accuracy are the only tools that catch fish. Saltwater fly fishing is the “Bigs” in fly fishing.

We found Chris’ YouTube video to be one of the best demonstrated and explained – how to get a lot of line out in one false cast. It is easy to follow his instruction and easy to learn his method.

Watch closely and view more than once. This is invaluable.

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