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Tips & Tactics: Ordinary, inexpensive “stuff” can make life on the water easier

Very few feeds we get offer much in the way of real, how-to informantion. We hope you feel we do provide that.

There is one blog that we never fail to read, and it is probably the best or one of the best blogs, and almost always come away with something new learned. This past Monday’s Gink and Gasoline was a doozy, and we want to share it.

15 Pieces of Dirt Cheap Gear Every Angler Should Own

By Louis Cahill, editor of Gink and Gasoline

Fly fishing gear is plenty expensive

That’s not lost on anyone. Some of that pricey gear is worth every penny but there are lots of cheap and simple items that will make your fly fishing easier and more enjoyable without draining your bank account. Some of them are even free. You can buy everything on this list for $125. You’re probably using some of them already and you may use some I haven’t thought of. If so, please share them in the comments.


Rising Crock Tool -$20

At $20, the Crock is the second most expensive item on this list, but worth twice the price if you ask me. This is the one tool I use every time I fish, in freshwater and salt. It’s scissors, pliers, hemostats and a catch-and-release tool all-in-one. The quality is outstanding and it’s the only tool you need.

Paint Strainers -$1.67 each

Nothing will put you on fish faster than knowing what they’re eating. Stretch one of these inexpensive paint strainers over your net and take the guess work out of matching the hatch. Watch a video on how use them HERE . . .

RIO Cranky Kit -$7.95

Changing lines without some kind of line winder can be a mess. This simple tool makes it easy to keep your lines neat and untwisted when you change them out. It’s small enough to keep in your fishing kit and make quick changes on the road.

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