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A drop of water takes months to go 350 miles – your ride two minutes

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Tarpon – April 23, 2019. Photo credit Redmahta – commons image.

From a meadow near Orlando, Florida, to Florida Bay and Everglades National Park

Right now we are, all of us, muddling through heaps of responsibilities, troubles, and changes. Through it all, we are endeavoring to find ways to be together-alone, with each other and with natural places. We are reaching through distances to thread ourselves closer to what we are separated from.

Being in the Everglades creates space for mindfulness. It calms us and awakens us. It nourishes us. Whether you’ll be there at dawn when these places reopen or whether your next visits are some time away, we hope to bring the Everglades closer to you through sight and sound and story.

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Submerse yourself in the flow of water through the Everglades: The water splashes down from storm clouds above central Florida, wends through the Kissimmee River, streams into Lake Okeechobee, meanders through the vast expanse of the glades, and washes into Florida Bay.


Tricolored Heron and Roseate Spoonbill. Photo: Jeremy Squire/Audubon Photography Awards.


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