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The common name for sockeye salmon [Oncorhynchus nerka] refers to the bright hues that this iconic species exhibits when spawning: “Sockeye” stems from a mispronunciation of the Salish name for the fish, Suk-kegh, meaning “red fish.”  A school of sockeye salmon heading upstream to spawn and a single arctic char stuck near a rock. Image by Johnny Armstrong.

Good news coming from within the dark

By Skip Clement

In early August, another Trump started blowing a whistle – this time and again supporting Barrack Obama and Joe Biden. Even more surprisingly, helping the environment and doing the right thing.

From a Trump and not a cousin with another tell-all book into the mental instability and intellectual ineptitude of the 45th President of the U. S, comes support for putting a halt to one of the most devastating environmental degradations men have wittingly imposed on the ecological world order. Trump senior is, seemingly, willing to change lanes on the Pebble Mine project in Alaska.

Donald Trump, Jr. has popped up on the not so reliable internet openly supporting the anti-Pebble Mine multitudes, including its original political objections by Barrack Obama and Joe Biden. And even more unfathomably, Trump senior is thinking about changing lanes to protect the world’s most significant supply of fresh sockeye salmon.

Male sockeye in spawning colors. Illustration provided by award winning artist Thom Glace.

An article from August 11, 2020, Fly Fisherman supports the copy mentioned above, as accurate

I have yet to get my August 11, 2020; Fly Fisherman Magazine that supports the copy mentioned above, as accurate. I found the FF Magazine copy that supports the junior and senior Trump game-changing plan to bury the mine on Midcurrent.

And here are a few links to the background story on the Pebble Mine and the cowardly Army Corps of Engineers failing the United States of America it says it supports:

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