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Twenty eight pound bull dolphinfish, Mahi Mahi, caught in Islamorada, Florida [3/1/2007]. Photo by Jeff Weiss – Commons image.

Dolphinfish [Coryphaena hippurus] Mahi-mahi 

By Skip Clement

The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, an academic and research institution committed to the study of oceanography and the atmospheric sciences within the University of Miami, produces volumes of useable data beneficial to the commercial fishing community, sports fishers with dedicated angling instincts, and invaluable research matters on how to  implement the best conservation outcomes.

Capt. Jim Sharpe

Advances in Ichthyology, a branch of zoology devoted to studying saltwater fish like the Rosenstiel School, provides us with an insiders’ view of the species’ habitat, what they eat, spawning, other important lifecycle activities.

Jim’s decades long hands-on data collections about dolphinfish very instrumental in providing some of the early scientific findings used to compile Coryphaena hippurus lifecycles – as mentioned above.

Dolphinfish anglers need a copy of the singular most study of the subject of Coryphaena hippurus: The Perfect Gamefish by Captain Jim Sharpe [1996]. You can also contact:

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