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Trump, without hesitation, wants Tongass mined, logged, and developed

It's painful to watch an entire political party standby and let one Nero-like man mangle the environment of a once envied country stripped of its signature. [...]

October 4, 2019 Alaska, High Country News, Public Lands, RECENT, Slide, Trump

Authoritarian sabotage: How to scuttle America’s self-image

“There’s a ton of different scenarios that have occurred that show that Trump does not care about progressing climate change or climate science, in general." [...]

September 25, 2019 RECENT, Science deniers, Slide, Trump

The 6 things you most need to know about Trump’s new climate plan

Trump quashes Obama era EPA Rules which will increase both carbon dioxide and local air pollutants, along with their health impacts, in more than a dozen states. [...]

August 23, 2019 Conservation News, FEATURE STORY, Slide, Trump