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Do hitchhikers impact our fisheries?

Exotic aquatic animals have reached the shores of all countries via the assistance of ballast waters. These hitchhikers remain internationally unchecked, unwanted and deadly [...]

April 1, 2018 RECENT, Slide

Lees Ferry trout fishery faces challenge

Currently, the National Park Service (NPS) wants to make a concerted effort to remove all potential invasive aquatic threats to the system [...]

December 20, 2017 Conservation, RECENT, Slide

The War on Rotenone

NFC chairman, Ted Williams, weighs in on the most important tool for saving native fish from extirpation and extinction. [...]

December 5, 2017 Conservation, RECENT, Slide

The Great Lakes, a fishery with worries

The current administration prides itself in eradicating environmental programs created by Obama, like restoring the Great Lakes ecology [...]

June 2, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Opinion: Over 200 invasive species in our Keystone Fishery

How many more years are we going to spend doing research, wasting dollars, looking for a way to prevent their arrival in the Great Lakes? [...]

February 24, 2015 Opinion, RECENT, Slide

Opinion: Academia weighs in on the value of eating invasive species

There is no evidence that this market has dented lionfish populations, but popular media reports about it have had the unfortunate effect of spreading the idea that a market can help control invaders [...]

October 31, 2014 Opinion, RECENT, Slide

News: New “free” app helps keep lionfish in check

Lionfish hunters trying to rid Florida of the aggressive fish's scourge on the state's native species have been using the new Report Florida Lionfish app [...]

August 26, 2014 News, RECENT, Slide

Conservation: The ecological history of rivers

Using a combination of paleontology, archaeology and historical record, scientists can draw a picture of rivers past... [...]

January 16, 2014 Conservation, RECENT, Slide
News: Report proposes engineering marvel to stop Asian carp invasion

News: Report proposes engineering marvel to stop Asian carp invasion

Separating the lake and the river again could cost more than $18 billion and take up to 25 years, the Army Corps' of Engineers' study concluded... [...]

January 15, 2014 News, RECENT, Slide

News: 10 fish conservation success stories to celebrate

Dams, pollution, climate change and invasive species have altered once-spectacular waters...but freshwater conservation isn’t always gloomy. [...]

December 19, 2013 News, RECENT, Slide